Expand All Days (Events)

Complex events often have multiple days, tracks or categories with multiple functions/options; by default the first day is expanded, the rest are contracted and you have to click on the little arrow to expand the day (it's an accordion effect).

While you can choose to display the information by day, track or category, it displays in the accordion format. And if you choose "View All" you lose the headers.

(It's possible there's a setting to expand them all by default but I've never been able to figure it out.)

The default probably looks something like:

And the intent would be to get it to look something like:

All we need to do is trigger the attached "click", the same one that is fired when you mouse-click the arrow image. Loop through all the down arrows with an ID ending with _CollapseImage and trigger the "click". Don't do the first one as it's expanded by default.

	function pageLoad() { 
			jQuery.each(jQuery("[id$='_CollapseImage']"), function(key, value) {
				if (key > 0) {

Not guaranteed to work on all versions of iMIS/RiSE and there may be an option to do it as a part of the product.

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