Modify the Default "I-Forgot" Modals

Recently a colleague asked if it was possible to edit the headers at the top of the 2 modal windows that pop-up when someone clicks the "I forgot my username" or "I forgot my password" link on the sign in page. This level of customization would best be taken care of through the iPart, in this case that variable isn't exposed. And all normal workaround weren't working. It turns out that using the "DOMSubtreeModified" event listener did the trick. There's no guarantee this works on all browsers but it seems to work on all the major Windows-based browsers.

Add jQuery to an HTML iPart below the Sign-In iPart

	var i = "#RadWindowWrapper_ctl01_GenericWindow td.rwTitlebar em";
	jQuery("body").on('DOMSubtreeModified', i, function() {
		var o = jQuery(i).html();
		if (o == "Retrieve username") {
			jQuery(i).html("Help: I really need my username!");
		} else if (o == "Forgot my password") {
			jQuery(i).html("Oh yeah: I also need my password :(");

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