Set the State Field / Online Join iPart

The previous blog entry touched on setting the country code via the online join to a fixed value (examples provided for Canada and US).

Twitter user @thejamesjones responded to suggest doing the same thing to the state field for state-based organizations.

This assumes that your default country code (via the appropriate RiSE setup page) is US, if it's another country use the earlier script to set the country code first.

Add this to the bottom …

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Force the Country to be "Canada" Using the Online Join iPart

The other day a client asked for a fairly simple online "join" form, using the default Contact Account Creator iPart. The interesting part of the question though was that it should only be able to accept Canadian addresses.

There is no (simple) way to manage the country fields, there are methods that fire when you change the country (to show/hide the state/province field), and the iPart doesn't offer that option.

The solution was …

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Create a Drop-down List from an IQA

Recently I had a request to generate a drop-down list with a "continue" button; when someone selected something from the drop-down and clicked the button, it "went somewhere". (Lots of requests start out like this). The example below shows how to create a drop down from an IQA. The IQA in this case is a simple one pulling active web-enabled products from csProduct, and then linking to the default "ItemDetail" page.

    jQuery("#ste_container_ciProductsIQA").parent …

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Modify the Default "I-Forgot" Modals

Recently a colleague asked if it was possible to edit the headers at the top of the 2 modal windows that pop-up when someone clicks the "I forgot my username" or "I forgot my password" link on the sign in page. This level of customization would best be taken care of through the iPart, in this case that variable isn't exposed. And all normal workaround weren't working. It turns out that using the "DOMSubtreeModified" event …

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Stylize the Content File iPart

The default output of the Content_File iPart is fairly simple: file name and file type. Personally I think adding graphics to the links makes it stand out more. This tip uses CSS and jQuery to display icons that match the file type. The icons used in this example were found on the Icon Archive but any icon set should work.

Add to CSS file

<style type="text/css">
	.PDFFile {
		background-image: url(/img/pdf-icon.png);
		padding-left …

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